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This website is dedicated to the Patron Saint of the Greviously Afflicted

People who otherwise claim to "hear voices" don't hear them when they are on a commercial jet. The key to RNM is tracking 24/7. And this is how it is done: If they can't find you, they can't do anything to you. Make sense? This patent explains it all. It also happens to be a weapon. 
Click on the "electronic" link at the above right to see more about electronic weapons that can attack the body (also identified in the Akwei lawsuit). The listed symptoms highlight a fraction of the vast array of possible
Neuro-Electromagnetic frequency assaults perpetrated by known government agencies. 
THE ENTIRE SUMMARY OF THIS WEBSITE IS: Remote neural monitoring inside the body from 1-40 Hertz (HZ) is what causes all the problems and damage. Why? Because these particular wave frequencies mimic your body’s natural waves. (Again see the Malech patent, on the next page).
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First, I must give credit to whom credit is due, so much thanks to HOWARD J HAWK and Nathan A Tippetts (both of whom I have never met). Thanks again.


                                                      AKWEI vs NSA

                           The most SPECTACULAR lawsuit of the 20th Century with profound                                 implications for the 21st Century.

This website is constructed by Frank G Fox, noted author, elected to Who's Who in America, whose books are available at, also under F. G. Fox.
Remote Neural Monitoring is a weapon illegally being used on countless Americans. See the illustration under the Akwei lawsuit link. I will also post this later.

You still don't believe RNM exists? Check this out. (below)

This was found on the Deep Web (hidden web). It was an ad on Washington's Craigslist. This is only the first page.

The second page lists a name and address. Notice the name Kinnecome. This is related to the Akwei lawsuit.